Little Havana - Home Spray

Little Havana - Home Spray


A candle lit room, a slight smoke haze from Cuban cigars, and the seductive music and dance of the Rumba. This scent is a total vibe.


Sultry and sophisticated, perfect for those who don't love the sweet and fruity scents. 


Top Notes: Fresh hay and tobacco leaf

Middle Notes: Honey, iris and rose

Base Notes: Amber, incense and musk


An effortless way to freshen up any space in the home with our Miami Collection fine mist room sprays. These 100ml bottles are filled with your chosen premium fragrance and a handmade water base and alcohol free mixture.


DIRECTIONS: Shake bottle before use and spray into the air as desired. Avoid spraying over surfaces and fabrics that may be effected by moisture or essential oils or fragrance droplets.


STORAGE: Shelf life is 6 months from purchase.


Treat yourself or someone special to a piece of paradise!