Little Havana - Reed Diffuser

Little Havana - Reed Diffuser


A candle lit room, a slight smoke haze from Cuban cigars, and the seductive music and dance of the Rumba. This scent is a total vibe.


Sultry and sophisticated, perfect for those who don't love the sweet and fruity scents. 


Top Notes: Fresh hay and tobacco leaf

Middle Notes: Honey, iris and rose

Base Notes: Amber, incense and musk


Reed diffusers are environmentally friendly and you don't have to worry about pesky flames. Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms & living rooms. The vessel holds 150ML of premium fragrance and our 3mm thick reeds are great for optimum scent throw. Our reed diffusers last up to 6 months!


DIRECTIONS: Take diffuser out of package, twist off cap and remove the insert. Twist back on black cap and insert the reeds. To refresh the scent you need to regularly turn the reeds - once per week is recommended for optimum results.


Treat yourself or someone special to a piece of paradise!